Crawlspace Cleanout & Repairs

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Giving Your Crawl Space a ‘New Home Look & Feel’ Without Breaking the Bank!

While others may require a full cleanout, remodel, or encapsulation, our focus is to provide a simple crawl space cleanout. Restoring the crawl space back to a condition, pre-rodents, cleaning and disinfecting to provide a clean crawl space at an affordable price. A full removal and replacement of everything in the crawlspace is rarely needed and we’re not going to try selling you on it. We make sure every opening a critter could use is secured and the contaminated environment is restored. 

Our standard clean out is to remove existing vapor barriers, damaged insulation, rodent feces, cellulose debris and any other items that do not belong under your home.  Once cleaned up, the team lays down new 6mm black plastic, repairs all openings to the structure, deodorizes, then sets traps in place to ensure no rodents are left behind for a cleaner, more sanitary environment. A trap final pick will be performed a week or two  later with an inspection to sign off on all work making sure it meets the standards of Long Pest Control.

It is called a crawl space for a reason. We crawl down there so you don’t have to! Trust the experts at Long Pest Control.

Leaks from your crawl space can affect the air you breathe in your homes. It is very important to have this area as clean as possible. As part of the clean out it is best to remove contaminated insulation, vapor barriers, rodent droppings and any other unnecessary objects that should not be in the understructure of the home. After all soiled materials are removed a new vapor barrier is installed, insulation is replaced where needed and repair work to seal up the home is completed.

We take extraordinary measures on our customer’s behalf to leave your home and property cleaner when we leave than it was when we arrived.

Benefits to a Crawl Space Cleanout

*Keep Pests & Critters Out

*Reduced Energy Costs

*Improve Indoor Air Quality

*Elimination of Musty Odors & Moisture

*Reduced Allergens from Mold & Dust Mites

*Some of the conditions may be beyond our scope of work such as foundation, roof, window, siding, or door repair. These issues would be recommended to a licensed contractor.



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