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Your pest control technician team is as professional as they come. We strive to exceed your expectations when you choose Long Pest Control for all your pest control needs.

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Don Long

Don is the founder and owner of Long Pest Control

Curtis Long

Technician Manager
12 years of experience.
Married with a son named Jackson.
An animal lover, he has 3 dogs.
He is the 2nd generation in the pest control industry and was raised in the Tacoma area.
His hobbies include spending time with his family and working in the yard to keep it looking nice. He also enjoys riding dirt bikes, being a Seahawks fan (GO HAWKS!) and enjoying weekends & movie nights with his family.
Licenses held-General Pest Control, Structural, Ornamental Insect & Disease.
WSDA #69363


Senior Technician
20 Years of experience.
Paul is married and has 2 dogs.
His hobbies include training his german shepherd and doing various home improvement projects.
Licenses held: Pest Control General & Structural, Onamental Insect & Disease and Structural Pest Inspector.
WSDA #53379


12 years of experience.
Randy has a beautiful wife and a seven year old son.
His hobbies include hunting, “day-cations” with his family and watching Seahawks football.
Randy was born and raised in eastern Washington. He was a part of the Marine corps for 7 years and moved to Tacoma after his service and has been in the area ever since.
Licenses Held: Pest Control General & Structural, Ornamental Insect & Disease, Ornamental Weed, Structural Pest Inspector.
WSDA #62806


4 years of experience.
Chris is married to a lovely lady named Melissa and has a daughter named Madeline and a son named Jayden.
His hobbies include being a sports enthusiast enjoying, hockey, football & disc golf (Go Penguins!!!).
Licenses held: Pest Control General & Structural.
WSDA #85759


Ryan is married with three beautiful children and lives in Gig Harbor.
His hobbies include boating, wakeboarding, skiing, fishing and most of all spending time with his wonderful family!
Licenses held: Pest Control General & Structural.
WSDA # 88008


2 1/2 years of experience.
Nate is married with 2 children.
He enjoys playing guitar, piano, and drums.
He loves being near or on the water.


Licenses held: Pest Control, General, Structural.
WSDA # 88008
2 Years of Experience.
Family: My kids keep me on my toes and I have a wonderful girlfriend.
Hobbies: When I'm not outside enjoying the outdoors, you will find me playing X-Box games with my kids or rooting on my favorite team - GO HAWKS!


Licenses held: Pest Control, General, Structural, Pesticide / SPI.
WSDA # 89730/B479
2 Years of Experience.
Family: I am recently married to my beautiful wife Lilia.
Hobbies: I enjoy hiking , the great outdoors, and watching the Seahawks with my family and friends.


1 year of Expererience.
WSDA# 92704
CJ has a wonderful girlfriend and daughter.
He enjoys skateboarding, working, and having fun in general.


Licenses held: Structural, Laws & Safety, General
1 1/2 Years of Experience.
Family: Wife & 3 Kids.
Hobbies: When I'm not exterminating pests, you will can find me on a mountain skiing, under the waves scuba diving, or getting a workout in at the gym.

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