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Exterior Repairs

There are many exterior conducive conditions that can lead to future infestations. Rodent infestations in attic spaces can occur from just a few tree branches resting on a roofline of a home. There are numerous things that can lead to rodent infestations and we, at Long Pest Control, have found the best solutions to repair these items. A few may be: trimming trees, repairing vent screens, screening bird soffits, building tight fitting crawl space doors, and many more. A good thorough inspection is necessary to determine a price to repair items on a home, as every home is different. It takes a very skilled and experienced pest control technician to have a trained eye to locate exterior openings and employ Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices to secure openings to keep pests out. And, we at Long Pest Control specialize in these practices and areas of control techniques.

Substructure (Clean Out)

It is estimated that 40% of the air we breathe in our homes comes directly from the crawl space. It is very important to have this area of the home as clean as possible. As part of the cleanout it is best to remove contaminated insulation, vapor barrier, rodent droppings, and any other unnecessary objects that should not be in a crawl space. After all has been removed, plastic will be put in place, secured, then disinfected and deodorized once the job is completed. It is also imperative to make sure all openings into  the structure are secured so that the sub area crawl space does not become re-infested and one again contaminated. It is very important the plastic lays completely flat on the ground, as they have found on an average 1200 sq ft home the soil can release 2 to 3 gallons of water a day up into the wood structure. The plastic will help keep this moisture from rising into the structure and support beams of the home. Technicians will take before and after pictures of the sub structure so the customer will be able to see the end results without the homeowner having to crawl under their home.

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