Substructure Clean Out

Our objective is to eliminate your current rodent activity, but to also make sure the openings that rodents would gain access to your house are secured and the environment that has been contaminated is eliminated. The purpose of a rodent cleanout is to remove/replace damaged materials such as vapor barrier, insulation, foam boards, etc., eliminate any visible rodent urine and droppings, identify any visible access points into the property and deodorize the area for a cleaner, more sanitary living environment.

It is estimated that 40% of the air we breathe in our homes comes directly from the crawl space. It is very important to have this area as clean as possible. As part of the clean out it is best to remove contaminated insulation, vapor barrier, rodent droppings and any other unnecessary objects that should not be in the understructure of the home. After all soiled materials are removed a new vapor barrier and spot insulation will be replaced, as well as any repair work that needs to be completed.

*Some of the conditions may be more extensive, any work beyond our scope such as foundation, roof, window or siding repair, door replacement, etc would be recommended a licensed contractor for the repairs*



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