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Ant Control & Removal Services in Tacoma WA

At Long Pest Control Inc., we offer a wide range of ant removal and prevention services for homes and businesses throughout Auburn WA, Gig Harbor WA, Puyallup WA, Federal Way WAUniversity Place WA & Tacoma WA and the surrounding areas. Our ant removal services and prevention measures include treatment for carpenter ants, moisture ants, pavement ants, and odorous house ants.

The Importance of Ant Control

Ants are known for finding food wherever it is located. They can infiltrate food packaging and contaminate whatever they touch. Some species, such as carpenter ants, routinely chew up wood, including the siding and floors of homes. Without proper treatment, infestations of ants can lead to unnecessary and expensive damage. Our team has the training, tools, and experience to eliminate any infestation.

Here are the types of ants we are able to control and remove from your property:

Pavement Ant

Ranging in color from dark brown to black and about 1/8″ long, pavement ants will nest under sidewalks, rocks, and slabs of concrete or pavement (hence their given name).

Carpenter Ant

The largest of species of ants in Western Washington soldiers can range from ¼” to ½”. The majority of Carpenter Ants are black in color but red ones have been spotted.

Moisture Ant

About 1/8″ in length, Moisture ants vary in color from yellow to dark brown and are attracted to damp, rotting wood. If there is evidence of a current or prior moisture problem such as a water leak or soil to wood contact us right away.

Odorous House Ant

Odorous House Ants (OHA’s) are usually a uniform black or brown in color and are a tiny 1/16″ in length. OHA’s get their name from the pungent smell they produce when crushed.

Our Ant Control and Elimination Process

One of our technicians will come to your property and perform a comprehensive inspection to discover any indications of ant activity in or around your home or business. From this inspection, we can determine the type of ants causing the problem, where they are likely hiding, and areas of your home or business that may be at risk for infestation and damage.

Once we identify the threat, we can propose and implement a solution. This includes applying an effective treatment to prevent and/or eliminate the ants.

Our ant control and elimination service includes the following:

  • Identify any nesting sites in or around your property
  • Sprays ant hills and trails on your property to prevent future infestations
  • Apply our treatment around the foundation of your home or building, which effectively sets up a defensive shield to keep the ants away.

Whether you need pavement ant, moisture ant, odorous house ant, or carpenter ant removal services, our team can effectively eliminate current and prevent future ant activity in or around your property.

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