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Deer Mouse

Mostly know to be nocturnal; deer mice leave their homes merely to forge at night on whatever is accessible from nuts and berries, insects and any waste or trash discarded from people. Universal thoughout North America, they are able to conform to most habitats; from the subarctic to deserts climates. They are capable in finding shelter anywhere, nesting in burrow holes in the ground, to finding fortress under your home. They range in color from grey to red/brown and can have a body length of 2.5 inches to about 4 inches. This species is responsible for spreading a vast amount of human diseases including Hantavirus and Lyme disease.

House Mouse Control Service

House Mouse

Amazing climbers, these mice are proficient in running up vertical surfaces and across wires and cables making them capable of infesting quickly. The house mouse has a very distinctive odor that is associated with their presence. Grain and cereal are their food of choice, but are omnivores, therefore can survive on practically anything supplying nutrients. House mice are typically grey or brown and can range from 5.5 inches to 10 inches body size. Despite their size they are able to squeeze through an opening that is only ¼ inches.

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