Exterior Exclusion Work

Having the understructure, perimeter and foundation of your residence secured and sealed up is imperative in preventing pest and rodents from invading your home. Our licensed technicians are trained in Integrated Pest Management (IPM), with prevention being the first line of defense from a pest infestation. With an inspection of the home, our technicians will make record of potential entry points along with conducive conditions that may be creating an attractant to your home. A diagram of the house, along with pictures, will be provided to you indentifying the approximate location of the entry points along with a bid for the repair work.

*Some of the conditions may be more extensive, any work beyond our scope such as foundation, roof, window or siding repair, door replacement, etc would be recommended to a licensed contractor for the repairs*

An inspection of the home is included on the initial service of our Classic rodent and insect control program. We offer preventative programs in managing both rodent and insect, this is a program that is geared towards the eradication of a current infestation as well as preventative maintenance to keep potential invaders at bay; and with this an inspection, diagram and price quote will be included at the time of initial to make the needed repairs.

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