Tree & Shrub Spraying

Say goodbye to aphid troubles! Discover how our tree and shrub spraying services keep your plants pest-free.

Success in the tree and shrub spraying program for the general control of insects, mites and fungus is dependent on several factors which include:

  • Specific pest problems desired to be controlled.
  • Life cycle, behavior and biology of these pests.
  • Determining whether or not these pests need to be controlled.
  • Favorable times of year to treat these pests.
  • Proper application while minimizing drift or product waste.

All of these factors are considered for your tree and shrub spraying program. A majority of our spray products have been eliminated over the years from restrictions in regulations. Most products today are short-lived in comparison from the past, however, it is not economically feasible to make applications on 3-4 week intervals. Considering this (along with many other restrictions) we have found that five timely applications per year has proven effective in reducing pest problems in the landscape. Each of the five applications incorporate a rotation of products to control the life stage of pests present at that time of year. Spray adjuvants and spreader/stickers are included to “rainproof” and secure the products on the plants to optimize the effectiveness and residual life of the product.

The Five Seasonal Sprays

Dormant spray (late December through early March)

Early Spring spray (late March through early May)

Late Spring spray (late May though June)

Summer spray (July through August)

Fall spray (September through November)

At times, these seasonal sprays shift in dates due to weather patterns and general climate. In addition, some tree/plant pests, such as apple maggots, coddling moths and anthracnose require more frequent or additional applications to achieve acceptable control. Tree and shrub spraying is most effective when performed as a preventative program rather than as a remedial treatment. While sometimes it is necessary to treat a newly discovered problem, continuing a spray program will act as a preventative by establishing a protective chemical barrier on the plants.

This program is not a “cure-all” but rather complimentary to healthy gardening practices such as proper fertilizing, watering, plant selection and location, use of herbicides, garden sanitation practices (removal of fallen leaves and other debris) and use of mulch, bark and other weed barriers. We also offer tree/bark injections for trees that cannot be reached with the regular spray equipment. Pricing varies depending on size and diameter of the tree.

An attractive landscape increases the beauty and value of your home or business and deserves care. Good gardening practices along with timely tree and shrub spraying will present a healthy, attractive landscape. We at Long Pest Control can help you protect this valuable investment with a year-round treatment program. Call us today!

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