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House Spider

Particularly found west of the Cascade Mountains and often seen in the late summer months to fall, Giant House Spider are extremely variable in size and color. With no signature markings this spider is commonly mistaken for the HOBO spider. Giant House Spiders are not hostile or aggressive and only bite when provoked. Found in dark spaces such as basements or garages.

Hobo Spider

These Venomous spiders are partial to dark and are able to survive inside as well as outdoors areas like firewood stacks, sheds, decks and basements. Most commonly misidentified as a Brown Recluse spider, which do NOT live in the Washington area, or the Giant House Spider.

Orb Weaver Spider

Orb Weavers obtain their name from how the construct their web/nests. With variable size, color and marking the actual web itself can be its positive identifier. Commonly found up in undisturbed, high places like eaves soffits, window frames and even in the garden. Although Orb weavers are not aggressive they can be a big nuisance.

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