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Dampwood Termite

One of the two native termites in the Pacific North West area, Dampwood termites are the largest of the species in our area. As they live in waterlogged or rotting wood, these specific termites are an indication of a previous problem, such as a water leak or a moisture problem. Mating Swarms typically take place after the first rain fall, late summer to early fall. Dampwood worker are about ½ inch long with a white clear like exterior, while reproductive swarmers are winged and are a brown/orange color.

Subterranean Termite

Subterranean termites are small, only about ¼ inch long for the workers with a milky white color but will attack sound wood causing significant damage to homes. These termites live under ground and are drawn to wood sources. A common sign of an infestation are visible “mud tubes” or “shelter tubes”, in which the termites can forge into exposed areas while maintaining its protection. Reproductive swarms can happen almost any time of the year.

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