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Roof Rat

Also known as Black Rats, they are about 12 to 18 inches long including the tail and dark in color. Roof Rats are extremely nimble, able to squeeze through a hole the size of your thumb. They can be distinguished from other rodents by its incredibly long tail and the ability to climb vertical walls and cables. A true omnivore, they will eat anything that is available, including paper products and plastics.

Norway Rat

Also known as Brown Rats, they range in color from gray to dark brown. These rats can be massive in size, but are commonly about 20 inches long from nose to tail. A sure identifier in Norway Rats is that the body is the same length as the tail. Skillful diggers, they are able to excavate massive burrow systems, and at times this is how they get in to structures for harborage. Norway Rats are nocturnal and do most of their foraging at night. They don’t have a preference in food and will eat whatever is available.

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