Bees and Wasps

Bee & Wasp Control Services in Tacoma WA

At Long Pest Control Inc., we offer a wide range of bee and wasp removal and prevention services for homes and businesses throughout Auburn WA, Gig Harbor WA, Puyallup WA, Federal Way WAUniversity Place WA & Tacoma WA and the surrounding areas. 

Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jackets are typically stripped yellow and back, but white and black are common as well. Usually about ½ inch in length, these wasps, as well as their colonies have a life cycle of only a year. Yellow Jackets can be tremendously hostile especially in the late summer to early fall when the colony start to weaken and decline, due to the changing of seasons. These wasps do not salvage the same nest from the previous year. Yellow Jackets can be particularly problematic if a nest is built within a wall void or attic as they are cable of chewing though walls.

Honey Bees

Honey Bees are vital to crops, fruit trees and gardens for pollination. Generally yellow in color with a single black band these bees are about ½ inch long with fuzzy fur like hair. Honey Bees are not aggressive unless provoked. Honey is actually stored in the hive’s honeycombs as a source of food for the colony and can be a real problem if a nest is built in a wall void of a structure as the honey is very destructive to the walls. Since Honey bees are so crucial in the growth of crops, if the hive is retrievable, we will have a master beekeeper come in the remove.

Bumble Bee

Large and Hairy, these docile social bees range from yellow, orange and even red stripped. Bumble bees are extremely beneficial for the pollination of plants and flower. Over wintering queens emerge in early spring to site a new location to start her colony, as they do not reuse the same nest from the previous year.

Paper Wasp

Relatively new to Washington, these paper wasps have taken over to become the most common species in Western Washington. This ½ inch long, yellow and black wasps are commonly misidentified as yellow jackets. Nest range from golf ball size to soccer ball size and hang from under exterior light fixtures and under eaves and soffites outside of the home.

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