Preventative Pest Control

Preventative Pest Control Services in Tacoma WA

Keep rodents & insects at bay before they become a problem with Long Pest Control’s quarterly pest control treatments. 

Insect Prevention Services

Our Goal:

Our classic Quarterly service program eliminates current pest problems on the initial service. We then keep insect and rodents at bay by servicing your property on a 90day frequency, before they can become a problem once again.

Our Guarantee:

We use only the best equipment and products making it is easy to provide you with an amazing warranty that is unsurpassed according to the industry standards. You will have peace of mind knowing that your service is fully backed by a FREE re-service guarantee. If after thirty days from the initial service, you are living with an inordinate amount of pest problems, simply give us a call and we will return, at no charge, to gain control of the ‘covered pests’ in and around your home.

Covered Pests:

Carpenter Ants – Odorous House Ants – Pavement Ants – Thatching Ants – Moisture Ants – Bees – Fleas – Sowbugs – Ground Beetles – Spiders – Seed Bugs – Silverfish – Boxelders – Earwigs – Millipedes – Clover Mites – Crickets – Centipedes – Springtails – Rats – Mice

Definition of Seasons

Spring:  March, April, May
Summer:  June, July, August
Fall:  September, October, November
Winter:  December, January, February

Application Sites

Exterior – During the Spring, Summer, and Fall treatments may include any or all of the following: exterior home foundation, reachable eave soffits, window and door frames, under decks, exterior landscaping, bases of trees, fence lines & other natural trailway runs, edges of patio slabs, walkways and driveways, around trash receptacles, exterior lighting on homes, behind downspouts, under the lip of siding, faucets and other entry openings into the structure, all within a reasonable distance from your home.

Interior – During the winter service on the quarterly and bi-monthly program, we provide service to the sub-area crawl space on homes that contain a crawl space and to the attic and/or interior areas of homes that have a basement or are built on a slab foundation.


For our bi-monthly customers, we perform a WDI (Wood Destroying Insect) inspection of the home (inside, underneath and around the outside) to report on activity, signs of entry points, areas of conducive conditions (leaks, earth-wood contact, drainage problems, insufficient ventilation, excessive moisture conditions, etc.) and any other recommendations to keep your home up to date on it’s yearly checkup.

Products Applied

All products are naturally degraded by ultraviolet light, rainfall, and high temperatures. Other affects on residual activity include regular irrigation and changes in landscaping and type of surface the product is being applied to. Applications of different products such as granules, wettable powders, microencapsulated and suspended concentrate materials are chosen based on season, environment and the target pest(s). Keep in mind that we mix our products with water for application and a mist or light rainfall will not render the application ineffective. Generally speaking, on average we see results of up to 45 and even up to 60 days following an application depending on season, site and weather conditions.

Rodent Prevention Services

Our Quarterly Service Can Help Prevent Rodent Infestations

As with any type of pest activity, there needs to be a determination if there is an active “inside” or “outside” infestation or in some cases, both. Most inside infestations are considered an active problem while outside evidence (sightings, burrows, droppings, etc.) are considered preventative if they have not yet gained access to the structure. In either case, a satisfactory rodent control program consists of four essential steps: elimination of their food source, eliminating conducive conditions that may be attracting them to the structure, eliminating access points to the structure and eliminating the rodents.

Active Infestations

If there has been signs or evidence of an on-going or interior infestation of rodents then a complete “active service” program must be performed. This will consist of a minimum of three service visits to include an “initial”, a one-week followup and a one-month followup. The “initial” service will include an on-site inspection of the structure looking for visible entry points and conducive conditions and noting them on an inspection report which will be presented to the customer. In addition, the technician will set necessary traps (spring traps, glue boards, catch stations, bait stations, etc.) as deemed necessary and draw up a diagram that will provide the approximate location of each, along with a diagram showing any entrance and exit points to be corrected.

At the scheduled one-week visit, the technician will remove any dead rodents, reset traps, replenish stations and will check to see if the entry points and conducive conditions were repaired by the customer. If the entry points or conducive conditions presented to the customer have not been immediately repaired (within the first week) or if the infestation has been established for a period of time and the number of rodents are heavy, the customer can then expect more service visits/charges during the initial one month period as rodents may continue to move from outer areas to inside the structure. On the last visit, the technician will remove all traps & stations.

Preventative Infestations

If you are not hearing or seeing any indication of interior rodent infestation but have noticed some signs on the exterior or have just recently had an “active service program” performed, then a preventative exterior service program will help reduce the population of rodents on the exterior areas. Tamper-Resistant bait stations will be installed on the perimeter of your home and/or in your landscape areas and serviced on a quarterly or bi-monthly frequency. This reduction will ease the rodent pressures around your home and make it less inviting for the rodents to try and “break in” to your home in search of food & shelter. This program may be provided on it’s own for preventative rodent control or added to your Insect Preventative Service at a reduced rate.

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