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Elimination and / or Prevention

Carpet Beetle Removal Service

Carpet Beetle

Easiest to identify when in the larvae state; as a white elongated oval shape with dark fur like hair, as there is no signature pattern in the adult Carpet Beetle and color varies significantly. Attracted to woolen, furs and commonly found in stored food products. Adult beetles are able to fly and can survive under extremely poor conditions, causing carpet beetles to be among the most prominent food pest invaders.

Indian Moth Control Service

Indian Meal Moth

Indian Meal moths are the most common moths found in food products, they have ombre wings that fade from copper/red to grayish/white and are about ½ to ¾ inches long. The larvae have no specific coloring ranging from light pick to brown and even green. A strong identifier is the vast amount of webbing they spin around there food sources like pet food, dried spices and fruit, grains and cereal.

Sow Toothed Beetle Removal Service

Saw Toothed Beetle

About 1/8 inches long with a flat red to brown colored body, these beetles are likely coming from purchased food, commonly found in pet food, rice and grains. Saw-toothed Grain beetles get their name from the serrated like teeth along the ridge of the shoulder area.

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