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How do I Get Rid of Rodents Permanently?

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You may be a gracious host, but if there’s one group of guests you’d prefer not to share your home with, it’s rodents! Besides being scary and nasty, they carry many diseases and pose a health and security risk to your family. In this blog, we’ll discover how to get rid of rodents permanently and why it’s best to contact a pest exterminator service in Auburn, Puyallup, Tacoma, Lacey, Olympia, and University Place, WA, and ditch them away for good.

So, keep reading if you’ve been looking to clear out the small rodent community from your crawl space, basement, or old attic.

Types of rodents in the home

There are four most common types of rodents invading your home, namely,

1. Deer Mouse:

These rodents have a body length of 2.5 to about 4 inches and could be red, gray, or dark brown. It’s particularly necessary to hire a pest exterminator service in Lacey, Auburn, Puyallup, Tacoma, Lacey, Olympia, and University Place, WA, to catch and exterminate this species as they’re responsible for spreading lots of human infections like Lyme disease and Hantavirus.

2. House Mouse:

House mice are great climbers and runners and, therefore, capable of spreading infections quickly. Rodent removal in University Place, Lacey, Olympia, Auburn, Puyallup, Tacoma, WA is crucial to remove house rats as they’re not just infectious but also smelly, and typical homes are their favorite choice of a dwelling place.

3. Roof Rat:

Also known as Black rats, these rodents are about 12 to 18 inches long. Removing them should be best left to a reputed rat control and removal company in Puyallup, Lacey, Olympia, Auburn, Tacoma, and University Place, WA, as they’re dark in color and are extremely tiny being able to squeeze in a hole the size of your thumb. Their extermination is necessary as they’re a true carnivore rodent and will eat away anything available, from paper to plastics.

4. Norway Rat:

These brown rats can be massive and are commonly twelve inches long. A sure-shot way to identify a Norway rat is to notice if their body length is the same as their tail length. Again, only a credible rat control and removal service in Olympia, University Place, Lacey, Auburn, Puyallup, Tacoma, WA, will be able to properly exterminate them as these nocturnal rats will eat whatever is available.

Traps vs. Poison: What is the most effective way to kill rodents?

Both these methods have been regarded as extremely effective rodent control options throughout the years. But which of the two is preferable? Let’s discover.

1. Rodenticide Baits or Rodent Poison

They come in different forms, including wax blocks, pasta bait, grain, gels, and foams, making them perfect for different settings and situations. Poison is extremely palatable to rodents, thus making it highly effective for rodent control.

However, many types of rodenticides are available to professionals with a certificate of competence, so it’s best to stick to an expert rat control and removal service in University Place, Lacey, Olympia, Auburn, Puyallup, Tacoma, WA, like Long Pest Control INC.

2. Rat Traps

Rat traps are the simplest method to get rid of rodents. Available in many forms, including glue boards and electric tapes, their main benefit is that dead rodents are easily located and can be disposed of.

Unluckily, there are better choices for huge infestations. While rodenticides are a better option, it’s best to contact a qualified pest control company in Lacey, WA, like Long Pest Control, in case of large infestations.

How do you get rid of mice permanently?

1. Check for Signs of Entry

The first thing to do is to conduct a thorough inspection to gain insight and access to all possible points. Investigate all the possible spots of your property for signs of entry, including the attic, garage, and crawl space for rodent traces. Also, remember to check higher places, as rats are great climbers and runners and can typically enter high on a building’s structure.

2. Seal and close all the entry points

After you’ve examined every possible entry and exit point for the infamous rodents, it’s time to secure them. Fill any flaws, gaps, and cracks in the foundations, concrete, sidings, and under-roof tiles, among other things. Exclusion tools such as wire mesh, metal flashing, caulking, and copper wool can be used to secure the entryways.

There are also certain size considerations, such as rats fitting a quarter-sized (23mm) hole, whereas mice require a 6-8mm hole.

3. Keep Food & Shelter Away from Mice

Expert rat control and removal services in University Place, Lacey, Olympia, Auburn, Puyallup, and Tacoma, WA, recommend limiting rodents’ access to food and shelter and simplifying their lives. Here are some things you may do to guarantee there are no food sources for them inside or near your home:

  1. Avoid keeping pet food in the open for long periods. If you’re a bird-feeder, invest in high-quality rodent-proof food.
  2. Always secure your garbage lids properly.
  3. Never leave leftover food lying around for the rodent’s consumption.
  4. Store all your food items in metal or glass containers, away from pesky rats and mice.

4. Set Mouse Traps:

Once you’ve taken all the necessary precautions, it’s time to eliminate your existing mouse population with traps. While this may or may not work in larger infestations, it’s a great route to begin your rodent removal journey. We’ve listed some common rodent traps below,

  1. Snap Traps/ Break-back traps
  2. Glue Traps
  3. Live Traps
  4. Automatic Multiple Catch Traps

You can choose your preferred trap and make it as effective as possible by placing food items like peanut butter or seeds and placing them in natural rodent-prone areas.

Certified rat control and removal services in University Place, Lacey, Olympia, Auburn, Puyallup, and Tacoma, WA, recommend keeping your traps clean and replacing them after multiple uses.

5. Use Rodenticide Baits

The trap vs. poison debate is as old as time, but if you want to remove rodents permanently, then using rodenticide bait is the ultimate solution. Keep the bait small and in the center to give yourself the best chance of catching a rodent in the trap.

Expert rat control and removal services in University Place, Lacey, Olympia, Auburn, Puyallup, and Tacoma, WA, advise using them safely and strictly adhering to the rodenticide’s label directions.

Call the Long Pest Control team for help

As a full-service, licensed, bonded, and insured pest control company, Long Pest Control Inc. is the best rodent prevention, control, and removal service in University Place, Lacey, Olympia, Auburn, Puyallup, and Tacoma, WA. Founded on January 26, 1979, we proudly offer pest control and removal services for both residential and commercial arrangements.

Our pest control process in Lacey, WA, is easy, stress-free, and up-to-date on the current best practices for the safety of your family and business, including eco-friendly and green options.

Because of our in-home and offsite continual education courses that are updated on the latest products, tools, insect behavior and characterization, diseases, safety issues, and treatment methods, Long Pest Control’s technicians are licensed, experienced, and knowledgeable. So, if you’re lost midway and need help, you can expect expertise and empathy from them!


In search of the safest, most effective, and ecological pest control companies in Lacey, WA? You’re at the right place.

While permanently getting rid of rodents on your own can be a bit of a hassle, with an expert like Long Pest Control Inc. by your side, there’s absolutely nothing to be worried about! We not only help prevent and control rodent infestation but also offer maintenance plans to help our customers stay pest-free.

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