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Is Your Home at Risk? The Disturbing Reality of Pest Problems

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Imagine this: you plop into an old comfortable chair after working for eight hours, preparing to read a book. With mindful attention, one accidentally notices a shuffle nearby as the page flips. What is even still out there creeping around, a spider crossed the corner, giving one a crease down the backbone? Although it appears quite innocent, this scene shows a genuine problem millions of families encounter today in the United States. These insects, from houseflies to termites, are capable of creeping into our homes, thereby becoming a menace to us in terms of our health, our property, and our sanity. Whether you need pest exterminators in Tacoma, Federal Way, Gig Harbor, Lacey, Lakewood, Olympia, Auburn, Puyallup, University Place, and surrounding WA areas, professional help is crucial.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the hidden dangers that pests bring to our living spaces. We’ll explore the various types of pests most common in households, the damage they can cause, and the potential health risks they pose.


The Impact of Pests on Homes and Families

Pests have several drawbacks beyond the immediate feelings of shock, disgust, or outrage; they can actually alter our day-to-day experiences or, in other words, our existence in a rather fundamental way. As stated by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), which provides pest control services, rodents are responsible for $20 billion in losses yearly in the United States. These damages include churning and burrowing, which brings about structural damage and soiling of food and surfaces with droppings and urine. This may cause various illnesses such as allergies and ailments like asthma and can even act as agents that spread diseases.

According to the leading pest exterminators in Lakewood, WA, it’s important to note the impacts of pests are not only physical, but they can also cause a lot of stress on people. Previous research has indicated that raising pests in his house leads to stress and anxiety. He noted that the persistence of the intruders would interfere with sleep, evoke tension, and prevent the patrons from feeling comfortable in their homes. This is because families with young children, older people, or those with certain underlying medical conditions stand to be affected adversely by pests.


Identifying Common Pests in Your Home

While the thought of pests invading our homes is unsettling, knowledge is power. Here’s a breakdown of some common pests you might encounter in the Pacific Northwest, including areas serviced by Long Pest Control, such as Tacoma, Federal Way,Gig Harbor, WA, and surrounding areas:

Rodents (mice, rats):

These unwanted visitors are famous for nibbling on electrical cables, making cozy nests in walls, and carrying diseases. Some of the symptoms of an infestation with rats are droppings, chipped structure parts, and a foul smell.

Insects (ants, roaches, spiders):

These creepy crawlies can pollute foods and other edible stuff and cause allergic reactions in humans and animals. Darkling beetles can be recognized by searches for trails, nests, and living bugs to find an infestation.


These vandals can effectively destroy a home’s structure because they work silently and blend quickly into the home to continue their pernicious work. Top pest exterminators in Puyallup, WA, reveal that termites can easily be identified from the signs they leave behind, such as mud tubes on the exterior walls, weak floors, and wings of their members close to the door.


The Effect of Pests on the Environment

The impact of pests extends far beyond the walls of our homes. Many common household invaders are classified as invasive species. Unlike native wildlife that has evolved alongside the local ecosystem, these introduced pests lack natural predators and can reproduce rapidly. This unchecked growth disrupts the delicate balance of the environment in several ways:

Competition for Resources:

Invasive pests challenge native animals to their rights to necessities such as food and shelter, among other necessities. It can cause depopulation and even extinction of specific individuals, especially local flora and fauna in those who lose their shelters or face some other dangerous circumstances. For instance, the brown rat has been associated with several species of ground-nesting birds in the Pacific Northwest whose populations have been known to have descended due to the current presence of brown rats.

Predation and Disease:

Some invasive pests, like certain types of ants or rodents, become predators of native insects, amphibians, and small reptiles. Leading pest exterminators in Olympia, WA, reveal that this disrupts the natural food chain and can further destabilize the ecosystem. Some invasive pests can also carry diseases that harm native wildlife, further impacting their populations.

Habitat Alteration:

Some pests, like termites or some rodents, are notorious for making burrows and tunnels in plants, endangering trees and plants. This may result in a loss of soil cover, leading to soil erosion, loss of natural habitats, and, as a result, affecting the ecosystem as a whole.

Threat to Pollinators:

Some pest control measures are certainly important to keep our homes and health safe, but using chemical pesticides comes at an added disadvantage. These chemicals can leach into soils and water sources and harm beneficial Australian insects such as bees and butterflies, which are important in pollination. Habitat change and reductions in pollinator populations have a rippling impact on plants and, consequently, the food web.

It’s important to note that responsible pest control companies, like Long Pest Control Inc., prioritize using environmentally friendly methods whenever possible. We utilize targeted treatment plans and integrated pest management (IPM) strategies to minimize the environmental impact while effectively controlling pest populations. Contact us at

+1 253-565-8228 for an accurate estimate.


Tips for Keeping Pests Out of the Home

Here are some proactive steps you can take to minimize the risk of a pest infestation:

Seal entry points:

Inspect the exterior of your home for cracks, gaps, and holes around pipes and wires. Use caulk or weather stripping to seal these potential entry points for pests.

Maintain a clean environment:

Eliminate inside and outside clutter where pests can hide and build nests. Regularly clean up crumbs, spills, and pet food to minimize food sources for pests.

Store food properly:

Keep food in airtight containers and avoid leaving food scraps lying around.

Address moisture problems:

Fix leaky pipes and faucets and ensure proper ventilation in crawlspaces and basements. Excess moisture attracts many pests, including roaches and termites.

Trim vegetation:

Keep bushes and trees away from your home’s foundation. Overgrown vegetation creates a bridge for pests to access your home.


Why Call Professionals to Remove Pests from Your Home?

While preventative measures are essential, sometimes even the most diligent homeowner can encounter a pest problem. In these situations, seeking professional help from a reputable pest control company like Long Pest Control Inc. is crucial.

Here’s why professional intervention is recommended:

Expertise and experience:

Experts are well equipped with the knowledge and expertise to determine the kind of pest infestation and recommend the right course of action.

Safe and effective methods:

They only employ EPA-registered methods and practice proper application to eliminate the pests without endangering your family or pets.

Long-term solutions:

Pest extermination is just one small part of professional pest control services. These services can deal with the root causes of pest infestations, avoiding such occurrences in the future.

Peace of mind:

The fact that the issue is in the hands of a qualified professional helps one to attend to one’s family and home without constant concern.

Efficiency and speed:

It is advised that one hires the services of professional exterminators since they know how to deal with pests effectively. This helps avoid inconvenience as the problem is solved early enough before it intensifies.

Guaranteed results:

Many reputable pest control companies, like Long Pest Control Inc., offer guaranteed services. This means we’ll return to address any residual pest activity at no additional cost, providing you with complete peace of mind.


Final Takeaway

Taking a proactive approach to pest control is essential for protecting your home, family, and the environment. By implementing preventative measures like those outlined above and remaining vigilant, you can significantly reduce the risk of an infestation. However, if you suspect a pest problem exists, don’t hesitate to seek professional help.

Long Pest Control Inc., a trusted name in pest control for years, is committed to providing safe and effective solutions for homeowners in the Pacific Northwest, including Tacoma, WA, Federal Way, WA, Gig Harbor, WA,Lacey, WA, Lakewood, WA, Olympia, WA,Auburn, WA, Puyallup, WA, University Place, and surrounding WA areas.

Our technicians are certified and well experienced in the job to ensure they apply methods that are friendly to the environment and the latest technology to drain out the source of the pests and prevent further invasion. Thus, we know what homeowners may experience in this area and adjust our service offering to suit their needs most effectively.

Don’t let pests disrupt your peace of mind. Contact Long Pest Control Inc. today at +1 253-565-8228 for a free consultation and quote. We’ll help you create a pest-free environment for your family to enjoy!



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